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Beautiful Day Off - The Lake was Glass.


Beautiful Day Off - The Lake was Glass. Images

... day for searching for sea- glass. What in the world is sea- glass
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Vacation? Uh-Oh. There Goes my Willpower… « Hey, Can You Dig It?
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pictures with the bass that the lake was calm too
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... Lake Wakatipu at Queenstown. It's like Switzerland - only much more
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Raanjhnaa Tan thirke thirke Song Lyrics

Tan thirke thirkeMann bekhe behkeTera kehke kehke khudkoMere dil ki baat jaane kaynatTere dil ki khabar bas mujhkoTan thirke thirkeMann bekhe behkeTera kehke kehke khudkoMere dil ki baat jaane kaynatTere dil ki khabar bas mujhkoAana baake pyaar gilanaAao na thoda pyaar jatanaRaanjhnaa hua main tera.....

Raanjhnaa Tan thirke thirke Song Lyrics Images

Raanjhnaa Title Song Lyrics : Tan Thirke Thirke / Raanjhnaa Hua Main ...
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Tan thirke thirke song lyrics from Raanjhnaa
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... song+download%2C+lady+gaga+song+download%2C+free+listen+online+songs+
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POOJA KIVE AA: Lyrics & Video Song | Sharry Maan (Jatt and Juliet)
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A Man was attacked and beheaded in broad day light Woolwich, South London

A man, believed to be a serving soldier, was attacked and beheaded with a machete in broad day light yesterday afternoon in Woolwich, South London by two men in what is suspected to be a terror attack.The soldier was attacked with knives and meat cleavers following a car crash. Two black men in a blue Vauxhall car rammed into the soldier on John Wilson Street, then jumped out of their car and started attacking him with meat cleavers. An eye witness said the attackers were "chopping this guy to pieces, literally hacking at something like it was a piece of meat".It is claimed that the men shouted 'Allahu Akbar', which means God is great in Arabic before attacking. After the attack, the men then waited for about 20 minutes for police to show up and then tried to attack the officers. They were shot by police. They are both still alive and have been arrested.@Boya Dee witnessed the beheading and shared what he saw on his Twitter page.See the rest of his tweets after the cut...Please read from bottom up Read the full story HERE

A Man was attacked and beheaded in broad day light Woolwich, South London Images

Woolwich Attack
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The scene of the attack in Woolwich.
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London attack
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Woolwich killing: Reaction to machete ‘terror attack’ | Metro News
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NFL Confirms 2014 Draft Pushed Back

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell confirmed on Wednesday the date of the 2014 NFL draft will be pushed back into May. The draft will remain at Radio City Music Hall in New York. 


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... NFL Draft: TCU vs SMU (2011) | - 2013 NFL Draft
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Winners and Losers of Proposed NFL Draft Move to May | Bleacher Report
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Roger Goodell: NFL Draft could move to May next season -
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... NFL Draft Scouting Report | - 2013 NFL Draft
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Get Followers on Tumblr

Recently I was assigned some task on Tumblr. And for achieving the desired goal, perquisite was to create a good number for follower on Tumblr. I did very detail research on web to see the methods for growing follower’s base on Tumblr. I also tried some experiment and gradually I got success. In this post I will share all those steps, methods and tools I used to increase my follower on Tumblr. I have divided all these methods in two category, first one is all those standard methods which one should follow to increase follower in traditional way, these methods give results in long time but this is the only method to get relevant followers and the second method is some tools which give instant follower but most of these won’t be your target audience but as these people followed by large number of followers they give very good visibility to your Tumblr blog. Before starting with those methods lets first understand what Tumblr is exactly.  Tumblr is one of the world’s most used blogging website. Tumblr is world’s 32nd most used website and also one of the easiest blogging sites. Users can easily post content in form of text, audio, video, link and picture. One of the best feature of Tumblr is this is free from advertisement. Here users can follow other user’s blog; also they can like and repost their blogs as well.  In comparison to any other site communities on Tumblr are more active also Tumblr is very easy to navigate.As any other media platform or social media site require audience to publish their content so the Tumblr is, in Tumblr’s terminology these audience called follower. People follow blogs they find interesting for themselves. But how would a blogger can increase follower, there are many methods/steps are available for that. Traditional methods:First let’s talk about the traditional methods we use for most of the social networking sites. These methods always help to gain audience and these can be used for any media platform. There are some advantages and disadvantages of these methods. Advantages are these methods always work; these methods always create relevant target audience, increase reputation of publisher. And disadvantages are these methods are very slow, it takes years to create good audience base through these methods, and these methods take lot of hard work.Post tagging: This is just a method to categorize your blog/post. It helps to reach your blog to relevant/targeted audience. Tagged posts are more searchable in comparison to untagged posts. Always try to tag your posts with relevant tags it should not be case that you are tagging entertainment related post with business.Re-blog posts: When someone re-blog a post it reaches to everyone on Tumblr which create a very good visibility for posts.Like posts: Liking a post shows that you are active and social to interact with your followers who in turn help you to increase visibility of your posts as well.Quality content: On whichever platform you use, content is the only key to get good number audience if your content is not good no one going to read your post second time, so for getting regular visitors it’s very important to post quality content. Always try to keep your posts unique and always post good content.Follow other people: Start following people who have blogs similar to you, these people in return will follow you back most of the time.Ask your friends to follow you: You must be available one other social networking sites as well like on face book, twitter, LinkedIn, Google plus etc. Ask your friend from these websites to follow your Tumblr blog as well.Post pictures: Pictures are more catching in comparison to words. People star reacting fast to pictures. There is also very old saying “A picture is worth a thousand words”.Frequency: If you want to grow your network on any website it’s important to regularly visit that websites. So, keep visit your Tumblr account frequently and also try to post something.Tools:Other than traditional methods there are some tools, which can also be used to get instant follower in short time. One of the biggest disadvantages of these methods is this only help in increasing number it not give the direct relevant audience.Mainly these methods consist promotional forums, where you can promote your Tumblr blog, below are the list of some promotional website. You just need to register there and you’ll be shown in there active community and from there other active members can start following you.Tumblr FollowerInfinite FollowerFollower BlastTumblr PlusOther than above promotional forum there are some small companies who increase your follower and charges some amount for that. To get a list of these sites you can do Google.All above methods help me a lot in gaining a lot of followers and I hope these will help you as well :-) 

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how to get followers | Tumblr
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get followers on tumblr # tumblr blogs to follow
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... to get more followers on tumblr # how to gain more followers on tumblr
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How to Get more Followers on Tumblr Fast and Free - How to use Tumblr
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33-year-old GM hired: GM Hired By Phoenix Suns After Poor Season

33-year-old GM hired: GM Hired By Phoenix Suns After Poor Season, By the professional basketball team Phoenix Suns on Tuesday after the team fell to the bottom of the NBA’s Western Conference in 2013. The Suns have hired Ryan McDonough to replace Lance Blanks as the teams new general manager in hopes of improving on a 25-57 record from this season.Hiring McDonough instantly raised questions as it’s rare to find a team with executives in their 30′s. Dating back to the creation of the league, only a few men have been named the general manager of an NBA team at such a young age, including Rick Sund and Rob Hennigan.Sund was named the Dallas Mavericks general manager in 1979 at the age of 28 to become the youngest ever to hold such a position. Hennigan is currently the youngest to oversee a team at 30-years-old. He we named the Orlando Magic’s general manager in 2012 and they have stuck with him ever since.McDonough will join the Phoenix Suns after three years as assistant general manager for the Boston Celtics. The newly appointed executive worked his way up after joining the Celtics as a special assistant to basketball operations at 23-years-old. The Suns may have brought in a young guy, but this guy happens to have a lot of experience in an NBA front office. Abclocal reportedThe Phoenix Suns are coming off their second worst record in franchise history, so it can’t be all that bad when they have a 33-year-old GM hired and ready to add some life to the organization.They fired Lance Blanks on April 22nd and have now found themselves a man who was involved in two NBA title runs with the Celtics, including a championship in 2008.Suns President of Basketball Operations Lon Babby released a statement about their newest employee and he looks to be very excited to have McDonough come aboard.“Ryan distinguished himself among an impressive group of candidates for our GM position,” he said. “His natural leadership and communication skills will serve the Suns well.”Now with a leader in the office they can focus on finding a leader for the court. Once the NBA playoffs are over, players will start varying their options and the Suns will do the same as they look to rebound after a terrible season in 2013 with their new 33-year-old GM hired and ready to go.

33-year-old GM hired: GM Hired By Phoenix Suns After Poor Season Images

Learn more about Ryan McDonough in this March feature by Paul Flannery
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basket! I had a strange conversation with a friend the next day after ...
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Bruno Mars, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis Rock 2013 Billboard Music Awards

Mars and Co. open the show with a bang with'Treasure' while the rap duo energizes thecrowd with 'Thrift Shop'.Whoeverdecidedfor BrunoMars tokick offthe 2013Billboard Music Awards Sunday night at theMGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas shouldbe credited for setting the perfect mood forthe event. The 27-year-old singer opened theshow with a spectacular performance of his"Unorthodox Jukebox" track "Treasure".With him and his full band dressed in identicalsuits, Mars & Co. brought the crowd back tothe seventies with their funky performance ofthe retro-vibe dance track. Mars broke offfrom his usual guitar-clasping routine and lethis band handle the instrumentals to give animpeccable vocal and perform some shortdance choreography with his back-up crew ashe sang the up-tempo tune that got theaudience on their feet.While Mars and his band looked well-coordinated for their synchronized number,Macklemore & Ryan Lewis went the oppositeroute with their rendition of their hit "ThriftShop ". Presenting in front of an intimatecrowd at the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas,Macklemore stood out from among theperformers onstage with his blue Napoleoniccoat on top of a black hoodie.Meanwhile, wearing a casual get-up of a grayshirt beneath a blue sports jacket, Ryan Lewiscommanded the crowd from behind the DJ'sstation, as Wanz dished out the hook in alight-colored tuxedo. They may have been farfrom being well-coordinated for the BMAs, butthey brought the house down nonetheless.Bruno Mars performing "Treasure" at the 2013Billboard Music Awards:Macklemore & Ryan Lewis performing "ThriftShop" at the 2013 Billboard Music Awards:


Bruno Mars, Macklemore and Ryan
Lewis Rock 2013 Billboard Music
Awards Images

Bruno Mars, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis Rock 2013 Billboard Music Awards
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AWARDS PERFORMANCES: Bruno Mars' "Treasure" + Macklemore & Ryan Lewis ...
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... Aguilera, Macklemore & Selena Gomez Join Billboard Music Awards Lineup
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FIFA 99 Pc Game Full Version Free Download

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FIFA 99 Pc Game Full Version Free Download Images

FIFA 99 Free Download PC Game Full Version | Download plus Information
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free download fifa pc games full version_FIFA 09 PC Games Full Version ...
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FiFa 2012 Free Download PC Game Full Version | Exe Games
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FIFA 99 Free Download For PC Full | Free Games Downloads
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Nick Drake - Bryter Layter Boxset Review

Nick DrakeBryter Layter Boxset(Commercial Marketing)"I think that's one of the problems with Nick's legacy, if there is a problem. I get sent tapes just by people out there who have a guitar and want to write songs, and they are very touched by Nick Drake and they make a demo tape, and they send it to Nick Drake's producer and they say, "What do you think of this? I love Nick Drake, can't you hear it in my music?" And 99 percent of those tapes that I get – or electronic submissions these days – are breathy vocals, Aparicio guitars and form without essence. There's nothing in there of the wit or the subtlety of Nick, or the sophistication of his music. What drew me to Nick wasn't the subject matter, but the tremendous originality and freshness of the musical vision. And it's always been mysterious"   - Joe BoydThere is an epidemic out there, a nasty rash. Even Simon Cowell's noticed. It would seem that the singer-songwriter is everywhere, all so similar, all so dull, all so slimily seeking our fondness. Everywhere you turn there is someone bearded, someone earnest, someone with passion trying to sing you a song from the heart. The song is nearly always the same. It will be about 'holding on'. It will be about 'letting things go'. It will be about 'staying together'. Not a single word will be poetic, although the writer will frequently mistake the use of scientific or managerial speak in the lyrics as being poetic. It will take a condescending look at a 'character', mistaking pity for compassion and metaphor for depth. It will be the very best the writer and singer can do. And that is why these people need informing of something. That they are all, convincing though the mutual backslaps and incestuousness is - suffering from a severe type of mental illness, the kind of Aspergers-delusion that in any other walk of life would require a psyche-evaluation and a recommended sabbatical for six-months to a year.    I know some of these people. Every city has them, their little community of folkies and troubadours, who all go to the same pubs on the same night to watch each other close their eyes and be transported within the ever-engrossing confines of their windswept souls. Together they keep their delusions alive, that they're cutting away the flab and fanny that chokes meaning in modern industrial pop and returning things to an agrarian wood'n'wire purity, a place where the city can be risen above even as it's so 'bravely' explored. There's several fronts to this arrogance - first and foremost the supposed gallantry of 'writing their own songs' immediately auto-annointing themselves with the burnished glow of self-sufficiency, their superiority to those puppets who sing only other people's words, play other people's tunes, y'know like Elvis, Frank Sinatra. These folk have the guts and grit and dauntlessness to write all their own songs, y'know, like Nickelback, Ed Sheeran.  There's also the further arrogance that can only come from a fundamental misunderstanding of what music's all about - collaboration between people- this rather modern idea that the singer songwriter stands alone, works on their vision alone, that we are lucky to bear witness to such purely committed artistry, uncut as it is by the concision or urge to edit that others would bring. Finally there's the arrogance in assuming that what people want to hear is songs 'from the heart', which usually means an incredibly constricted set of cliches have to be in place for that song's writing and execution. Politically it can be extroverted yet must always return to a deeper message of survival DESPITE the interference of others, personally it has to arrive at a moment where the singer figures it all out, self-diagnoses his or herself and prescribes a better future or a self-satisfied stasis. It's from their heart and you will listen, regardless of any selfishness behind the expression, attuned as you are to the lazy universality of the lyrics, the ease of empathy all that vaguery about confinement versus the open road inspires. Vocally the singer must twitch, at carefully timed ("quirky) moments of particular import, into their 'other' voice, the one they only flex when they're really feeling it, tapping their internal maelstrom for the rawest emotion, that moment where all the men get to sound like that overrated cunt Jeff Buckley and all the women set their larynxes to 'foghorn'. In the delivery of their songs, eyes will be constantly closed, heads will sway, locked in on their own genius, rarely making contact with an audience who should feel honoured to be witness to such courage and daring.   That inflated sense of truth and connection doesn't just animate the performers, it also brings together the audience, galvanises their sense of commitment to an entirely urban bucolic ideal of 'what music is all about', the tacit unspoken critique and conservative fear of the real city and all that problematic post-60s diversity that despoiled and defiled the true troubadour impulse.    To a tiny extent you can blame people like poor old Nick Drake for these kind of delusions. Drake was off on his own, toted a tape, he played a 24 hour festival with Fairport, got his tape to Joe Boyd, and Boyd knew then something special was happening. As Boyd points out though, this gives too many people the idea that in their seclusion, in their endlessly self-important, humourless explorations of their innards they'll find something unique that needs hearing. Whereas what actually emerges as important whenever you listen to Drake, particularly 'Bryter Layter', his most interesting album, is that other people's interference was crucial, and that really what Drake was can't be reduced to so brutishly simplistic and loaded a formulation as 'singer-songwriter'. He's far too odd still, far too different and special still despite the legion of lunkheaded copyists he's inspired, to be so easily summated, or so confined to the tools he used or the supposed lack-of-image he put across (which of course becomes its own image).   For starters, his guitar playing. If you're 'committed' a music-fan enough to only experience one sense at a time then you'll see on the cover that he's playing an acoustic guitar, but if you're a human being you'll realise - my god WHAT a thing he turns it into. Not simply an up and down thing of strum, or a finger picking thing of detail but the fretboard as dancefloor, the soundboard as rumpus room, a labarynth of geometry and shadow, a rhythm section all to itself. One of the funkiest guitarists of all time and the only other British people I could remotely compare his playing to is John Martyn and Vini Reilly - players so unique that a lifetime spent trying to emulate them would be a lifetime wasted. Anyone who's ever tried to learn how to play a Nick Drake song knows that it's not contained in the chords, or the structure. It's contained in the unplaceable tunings, the shape of the way he leans into what he's playing, the way his fingers, deep within themselves, are actually possessed of an almost frighteningly inhuman mechanical grace, the way he absolutely resolutely refuses to play everything he could be playing. And where alot of musicians allow their bad cliched habits as players inform their equally uninteresting songwriting, so Drake's songs are always pitched in a totally unique place, somewhere between reverie and resistance, somewhere between being buffeted away by a breeze or a whim and being the heaviest blackest darkest shit you've ever heard in your life. There's a private humour to Nick Drake's songs that allows that heaviness to not hurt or become wearisome, there's a cellular bleakness that stops it being all air and light, that slowly has his vision closing in on you, closing you down, enveloping you. 'Bryter Layter' was the first Nick Drake album I ever heard, consequently it's my favourite, but I think beyond that initial way his voice just made me crumble I think it's my favourite cos it's his poppiest, his lushest, the one where you feel he's most part of the world. 'Introduction' I used to put on as a little bathe of sunshine every morning, still it's one of the most evocative openings to an album you'll hear, cracking your shell, letting the rays in, and the clouds. Listen to Jake Bugg's fuckawful pointless cover of 'Hazey Jane II' and then listen to Drake's and you can hear exactly how much is going on here more than chords and words. Richard Thompson's guitar is key as it is throughout, sliding things round the corner, fracturing and forming the shapes, Robert Kirby's simply gorgeous strings (best 'rock'-band string-arrangement this side of Paul Buckmaster or Tony Visconti) force Drake out of himself and out into the street. 'Chime Of A City Clock' & the heart-rending 'One Of These Things First' both gently remind you just exactly what an astonishing riddim-machine Nick was, how vital Dave Pegg's bass is throughout, what a genius move it was getting Beach Boys veteran Mike Kowalski in to do some sunkissed shuffle & stealth.    "Hazey Jane I" is the moment for me when 'Bryter Layter' stops just being dazzling and starts negotiating its place in heaven, Dave Mattacks giving the drums the same sense of rippling endless fade-out that Paul Thompson does in the last minutes of Roxy's 'For Your Pleasure', Pegg, Drake & Kirby making the rest a swish of zephyrs and brokenness. 'Bryter Layter', the title track is twisted supermarket muzak, the most unsettling warp of almost too-sweet melody my young head had heard since the 2nd side of 'Forever Changes'. John Cale's viola and harpsichord on 'Fly' are just exquisite, working with Pegg's fantastically medieval low-end to lend Drake the poet-knightly air of the Stones 'Lady Jane' with none of the meanness of spirit, just a beautiful proneness and wilted need that suits the words and the voice perfectly. Boyd's brilliance at bringing the right people together in service of the songs, not the artist, works so brilliantly throughout 'Bryter Layter' it becomes less and less like a singer-songwriter's album, more and more like an ensemble piece, albeit an ensemble who have to follow the curious mix of clear-eyed hardboiledness and red-eyed dissipation that Drake's songs inhabit. All the words I've ever heard to describe Drake, 'ethereal', 'airy', 'introspective' seem to me to be reflecting a response to his voice rather than the way his songs actually come across - this idea that Drake's natural shyness leads to an obscurity of purpose or meaning is demolished through 'Bryter Layter's stunning closing side, perhaps suggesting that it's always a mistake to think the shy boy can't be a monster on the quiet, or that a naturally weak voice can't dominate your day. Drake's voice sounds anything but non-committal, has the same unbridled sense of personality and difficulty and bloody-minded naturalism that you sense Drake was always possesed with. So 'Poor Boy' is never in danger of being earnest, is always taking the piss out of its protaganist and out of you, P.P Arnold & Doris Troy's sweet backing vocals cutting loose on the chump, skewering his self-pity. "Northern Sky" seems to want to wipe the slate clean, clear the clutter of poesy any songwriter finds him/herself backed into, start afresh with a "new mind's eye", Cale's wondrous celeste adding to that sense of rebirth at the dead-end of a loveless lifetime, Drake now seemingly getting down to the basic yet inherently ambiguous statements of hope and irredeemable darkness the whole album's been playing with. And 'Sunday' is just the perfect closer - back in the strangely off-key muzak world of the title track, suffused with a warmth that's pure Bosworth archive from Kirby's hanging strings, the flute at times embodying what you feel Drake might have sung, at times slipping free and skipping down the road with a naivete and innocence you couldn't credit him with - it leaves you wondering who the hell is this Nick Drake guy and why has he chosen to bookend and sandwich his LP with these moments of purely instrumental lissomness when you've been told he was a singer-songwriter, someone who meant it man, someone who played from the heart. Throughout 'Bryter Layter' it's clear he's playing, writing, from a way more twisted, more open, more generous place than that.   A word about the box. I don't have it. I don't care about it and neither should you. Drake's is a story that needs no more fleshing out (and Brad fucking Pitt should be banned from ever talking about him again), and requires no more artifacts beyond the records as they are. They themselves are inexhaustible and infinite enough to be getting along with, and ticket stubs, posters, extra artwork, free downloads, sketches, nuts'n'bolts demystifications I can do without.  I'm utterly disinterested in Nick Drake the man, just as I'm utterly disinterested in all singers 'from the heart', all musicians who see music as a way of keeping a journal, inflicting their self-absorption on the rest of us. I'm still, despite the unpleasant speculations and romanticising of the rock 'audience', totally fascinated by the sophistication, ease, and suggestiveness of Drake's music. His depression and demise are as tragic to me as any persons passing, but no-one should allow them to in any way affect their enjoyment of the things he made, cos his music in its sheer intransigent existence absolutely denies the sadness, denies whatever 'message' you might draw from the way he ended up. What you hear on 'Bryter Layter' is the man at play, in delight and wonder, exercising his powers to their fullest in collaboration with some of pop's brightest sparks and most humane spirits. Nick Drake, though so often used as emblematic of some auteur spirit, especially by his fans who've "discovered" him through something other than the records, is, like any interesting musician proof of the exact opposite, that the best artists need others to truly bring out what isn't inside them, what's more than they contain, that you only get to be thoroughly honest when you're being honest about your own inherent dishonesty, unreal about your reality, real about your unreality, and music is the perfect artform to express that essential dualism so many straight-ahead singer-songwriters are missing. In comparison to Drake's shy reticence, the confidence and sickly self-regard of his self-appointed descendants is a natural consequence of their musical myopia and their pipsqueak souls. Drake's harder, tougher, funnier, than any of them, and 'Bryter Layter' is his most welcoming and giving statement. If songs were lines in a conversation the situation would be fine. It aint, and Drake knew it, knew how much more songs could be, how much more his songs had to be. Love it, and live in here forever.

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Bryter Layter
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... to Bryter Layter Album Nick Drake 70s T Shirt
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Nick Drake classic 'Bryter Layter' to be re-released in limited ...
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