Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Introducing Gmail Blue

Posted by Jonathan Zames, Project ManagerGmail launched nine years ago on April 1st, 2004. Since then you've been able to use hundreds of new features that push the boundaries of what email can do and make it easier to get things done.Starting today, you'll get to experience the next big step for Gmail, Gmail Blue. Watch the video to learn more:Update: Was Gmail Blue an April Fool's joke? Take a look at developer Shon Dalezman's Gmail Blue Chrome Extension and then decide.

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Introducing Gmail Blue
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Gmail diventa blu: Introducing Gmail Blue :) http://flip.it/EddYO
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Introducing Gmail Blue! Beautiful. Fast. Powerful. | The Gadget ...
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Introducing Gmail Blue: A Revolutionary Emailing Experience for the ...
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Monday, April 29, 2013

PLAYOFFS 2013: LA Clippers vs Memphis Grizzlies Game 4 online


PLAYOFFS 2013: LA Clippers vs Memphis Grizzlies Game 4 online Images

NBA playoffs 2013: Los Angeles Clippers vs. Memphis Grizzlies preview ...
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2012 NBA Playoffs: LA Clippers vs. Memphis Grizzlies #5 GetGlue ...
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Playoffs Game 5 LA Clippers Vs Memphis Grizzlies Highlight | NBA ...
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Game 7 LA Clippers Vs Memphis Grizzlies Highlight | NBA CIRCLE
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Phil Jackson cancer

Phil Jackson cancer, During a time where Phil Jackson is supposedly "itching" for an NBA return, we're finally beginning to get a good idea of why he stepped away in the first place.In the legendary coach's upcoming book Eleven Rings: The Soul of Success, Jackson admits publicly that he had been diagnosed with prostate cancer in March 2011. Jackson kept the information private after hearing the news, and doctors told him the condition could be dealt with via drugs initially.Eventually, though, the Hall of Famer did tell his players—doing so in the most Jacksonian way possible—as a motivational ploy during the 2011 NBA playoffs. According to the Orange County Register's Kevin Ding (membership required), Jackson saw his players slipping and hoped telling them would spark a renaissance.Forward Pau Gasol spoke with Ding about his feelings when hearing the news, saying:Shocking. But then you also could understand certain moments of his demeanor, energy and involvement because of what he was going through health-wise. It explained certain things. It was a shock. A difficult moment for the team.Long renowned for his ability to manipulate his superstars, Jackson's motivational ploy did not work in 2011. The Lakers, going for their third consecutive NBA championship, went on to get swept by the Dallas Mavericks in the Western Conference semifinals. The embarrassing defeat marked the end of Jackson's coaching career—at least, what most thought was the end.There is no word on Jackson's current prognosis, though Kurt Helin of Pro Basketball Talk notes he did have surgery in hopes of curing the condition. Reports last year said Jackson was in better health but did not specify anything cancer-related.That will definitely be a storyline if, as reported, Jackson is interested in a return to the NBA.Marc Stein and Ramona Shelburne of ESPN reported earlier this week that the Raptors were considering making a run at Jackson, and the Brooklyn Nets made him a target for their head-coaching vacancy during the season.While there is no word on whether Jackson will return to the bench or a front office, our hopes are first and foremost with the legendary coach's good health.

Phil Jackson cancer Images

Phil Jackson Was Diagnosed With Prostate Cancer in 2011, Told the ...
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Report: Phil jackson was Diagnosed With Cancer in 2011 | Robert Littal ...
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Funny Track: Famous September birthdays
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Phil Jackson says coaching future depends on his health | SILive.com
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Famine 260,000 died

Famine 260,000 died, The 2011 Somali famine killed an estimated 260,000 people, half of them age 5 and under, according to a new report to be published this week that more than doubles previous death toll estimates, officials told The Associated Press.The aid community believes that tens of thousands of people died needlessly because the international community was slow to respond to early signs of approaching hunger in East Africa in late 2010 and early 2011.The toll was also exacerbated by extremist militants from al-Shabab who banned food aid deliveries to the areas of south-central Somalia that they controlled. Those same militants have also made the task of figuring out an accurate death toll extremely difficult.A Western official briefed on the new report - the most authoritative to date - told AP that it says 260,000 people died, and that half the victims were 5 and under. Two other international officials briefed on the report confirmed that the toll was in the quarter-million range. All three insisted they not be identified because they were not authorized to share the report's contents before it is officially released.The report is being made public Thursday by FEWSNET, a famine early warning system funded by the U.S. government's aid arm USAID, and by the Food Security and Nutrition Analysis Unit - Somalia, which is funded by the U.S. and Britain.A previous estimate by the U.K. government said between 50,000 and 100,000 people died in the famine. The new report used research conducted by specialists experienced in estimating death tolls in emergencies and disasters. Those researchers relied on food and mortality data compiled by the Food Security and Nutrition Analysis Unit.Because of the imprecise nature of the data available, the toll remains only an estimate.When asked about the report, Somalia Health Minister Maryan Qasim Ahmed said she didn't want to comment until she read it because of questions she had about the accuracy of the figures.Sikander Khan, the head of UNICEF in Somalia, also said he needed to look at the report's methodology before commenting specifically. But he said generally that the response to the famine was problematic because it depended on political dynamics. He said the international community needs to change the way it classifies famines."You lose children by the time people realize it's met the established definition of famine," he said.Marthe Everard, the World Health Organization's country director for Somalia, said she has not yet seen the report but would not be surprised by such a high death toll."The Somalis themselves were shocked about the number of women and children dying," she said, adding later: "It should give us lessons learned, but what do we do with it? How do we correct it for next time?"Much of the aid response came after pictures of weak and dying children were publicized by international media outlets around the time the U.N. declared a famine in July 2011."By then you are too late," Everard said.A report last year by the aid groups Oxfam and Save the Children found that rich donor nations waited until the crisis was in full swing before donating a substantial amount of money. The report also said aid agencies were slow to respond.Quicker action wouldn't have prevented the deaths in areas controlled by al-Shabab. The militant group prevented many men from leaving the famine-hit region and allowed no emergency food aid in.Thousands of Somalis walked dozens or hundreds of miles to reach camps in Kenya and Ethiopia. Countless numbers of families lost children or elderly members along routes that became known as roads of death.

Famine 260,000 died Images

Report: 260,000 died in Somali famine | The Columbus Dispatch
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... famine, estimating that 260,000 people died -- more than double
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... , Kenya - Report: 260,000 Died In Somali Famine -- VosIzNeias.com
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Falling buildings, famine and disease are the main causes of ...
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My letter to the editor on Dwight Howard and the Lakers

Yeah, they spelled my name "Freeman" but at least they published my letter and the point I was making...See here.My letter:Kareem Abdul-Jabbar was traded to the Lakers in 1975. He did not win a championship until Magic Johnson showed up in the 1979-80 season.Shaq signed with the Lakers in 1996. He did not win a title until he and Kobe Bryant learned to play together, and with a fast and young team around them, until 2000. And yes, kudos to Phil Jackson for bringing them together.Howard has been more than worth the efforts and price to have him, and the Lakers should be saying to him, we will build this team around you.A little patience would help everyone in the Lakers' organization and among the sportswriters at the L.A. Times.

My letter to the editor on Dwight Howard and the Lakers Images

Dwight Howard had nine points and eight rebounds in 24 minutes as the ...
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Los Angeles Lakers Are All-in for Dwight Howard After Lamar Odom Trade ...
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Lakers' Dwight: 'I did want to go to Brooklyn'
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Los Angeles Lakers center Dwight Howard (12) during a stoppage in play ...
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Frank Lampard in Vivienne Westwood MAN - London street style

00O00 Menswear Blog: Frank Lampard in Vivienne Westwood MAN resin coated trenchcoat - London street style April 2013Frank Lampard / DailymailFrank Lampard was pictured in Knightsbridge over the weekend in London. The Chelsea footballer wore a black trench coat with brown buttons from Vivienne Westwood MAN. I love the trench coat, especially the material used. After some research, I believe the coat was cotton coated with resin to give it that nice sheen. A very classic dressed down look from Frank, I love it. And the coat is so apt for the light cool weather we are experiencing in London now.00O00 Menswear Blog: Frank Lampard in Vivienne Westwood MAN resin coated trenchcoat - London street style April 2013One interesting detail of the coat is the deliberate misalignment of the buttons closure, classic Vivienne Westwood. You can shop a great selection of Vivienne Westwood pieces online from Selfridges.+

Frank Lampard in Vivienne Westwood MAN - London street style Images

women franziska frank what vivienne westwood after vivienne westwood ...
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Photos: Best-Dressed Street Style at London Fashion Week Fall 2013 ...
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Photos: Best-Dressed Street Style at London Fashion Week Fall 2013 ...
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profile street style campaign runway catwalk celebrity fashion style ...
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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Running Back Eddie Lacey Visits Steelers

Well Steeler fans, the player visit you all have been waiting for, well, the visit I've been waiting for happened this past Saturday according to Post Gazette Steelers Insides Ed Bouchette. Eddie Lacey was brought in for a pre-draft visit. First off, I'd love for the Steelers to draft him and I said the only way I think they would consider it is if they brought him in for a visit because that at least shows that he's a possibility. Unfortunately, I think that at pick 17, that is a bit to high to draft him. The only ways I think the Steelers draft Lacey at 17 is if quarterback Ben Roethlisberger lobbies for it or like Bouchette mention is if they trade down. I've already talked about how having a stable run game this upcoming season can mask some of the problems the team has.Their are running backs you  get in the second and third round that can come in and make an impact right away because believe it or not, I'm starting to get the notion that running back is not the number one priority in the first round. I believe it is linebacker, whether it is outside or inside, I believe that is the position they will address in the first round with either Alec Oggletree, Manti Teo or Jarvis Jones, if he happens to fall to them.Wide receiver is also a possibility in the first round but I don't think it is likely because of the need at linebacker and how important linebacker play is in terms of making Dick Lebeau's 3-4 defense work. In Lebeau's defense, it's all about pass rush and, last year, the team had none.My prediction is the Steelers will address the running back position no later than the third round. There will be plenty of talent in rounds two and three at running back. The name I would pay attention to Steeler fans is Montee Ball out of Wisconsin.

Running Back Eddie Lacey Visits Steelers Images

fit for Pittsburgh, the Steelers passed on running back Eddie Lacy ...
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Eddie Lacy
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Steelers MMQB: NFL Week 11 Wrap Up - Nice Pick, Cowher - A Pittsburgh ...
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... Pittsburgh Steelers Fan Site - News, Blogs, Opinion and more
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Random NBA .GIF of the Day: Tim Duncan Laughs at Dwight Howard's Misery.

Via: SB Nation*Checks score* AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.Via: @cjzeroDwight is sad.

Random NBA .GIF of the Day: Tim Duncan Laughs at Dwight Howard's Misery. Images

Jacksonville Jaguars

Today at 1:30pm the Jacksonville Jaguars will be introducing their new football uniforms from Nike. There is excitement in the city of Jacksonville as the team now has a new owner, a new look and hopefully a winning attitude. The look is supposedly going to be based off of a military theme and will be a modern look which means that anything is liable to happen since Nike does a lot of stupid things with football uniforms.Overall Grade 4.875 out of 10

Jacksonville Jaguars Images

Jacksonville Jaguars
(1365 x 1024 - 671.85 KB - jpeg)

Free Jacksonville Jaguars Wallpapers and Jacksonville Jaguars ...
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Jacksonville Jaguars wallpaper
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Jacksonville Jaguars Wallpaper #10 - Wallpaper 321
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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Vikings 2013 Coaching Staff

Vikings Coaches:Leslie FrazierHead CoachBill MusgraveOffensive CoordinatorAlan WilliamsDefensive CoordinatorMike PrieferSpecial Teams CoordinatorBrendan DalyDefensive LineJeff DavidsonOffensive LineRyan FickenAssistant Special Teams CoordinatorJeff HowardAssistant To Head CoachJeff ImamuraDefensive Assistant - LinebackersCraig JohnsonQuarterbacksJimmie JohnsonTight EndsTom KanavyStrength and ConditioningAaron McLaurinAssistant Strength and ConditioningFred PagacLinebackersDiron ReynoldsAssistant Defensive LineJames SaxonRunning BacksRyan SilverfieldAssistant Offensive LineMike SingletaryAssistant Head Coach/LinebackersKevin StefanskiAssistant QuarterbacksGeorge StewartWide ReceiversMartin StreightAssistant Strength and ConditioningJoe WoodsDefensive Backs

Vikings 2013 Coaching Staff Images

... Vikings running back Albert Young to their coaching staff, Young told
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Minnesota Vikings 2013 NFL Draft Radar: USC WR Robert Woods
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Coaching Staff
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Minnesota Vikings announce coaching staff changes - TwinCities.com
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