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The Highlight Reel presents This Week's Recap for May 6th

THIS WEEK’S RECAP…Superstar of the Week: Orb On May 4th, jockey Joel Rosario rode the popular colt Orb to victory in the 139th running of the Kentucky Derby. A 7-2 favorite on race day, Orb became the first Kentucky Derby winner for Hall of Fame trainer Shug McGaughey in his 34-year career. On a track of mud and slop as result of a day of torrential downpours, Orb came from the middle of the pack down the stretch to win by two and a half lengths over Golden Soul in a winning time of 2:02.89.On May 18th, Orb will compete in the 138th Preakness Stakes. All of the sporting world will look at this colt as he attempts to become the first horse to win the Triple Crown since Affirmed in 1978. Twelve horses have won the first two legs before failing since Affirmed turned the trifecta. At the Preakness, Orb will continue his journey. However, even if he fails there, Orb won a life of luxury and breeding bliss with his victory in the Kentucky Derby.Jerk of the Week: Geno SmithPerhaps the league knew something about West Virginia quarterback Geno Smith when the athletic potential first round selection dropped to the second round in the recent NFL Draft. Smith, long projected to be the first quarterback selected in the 2013 Draft, fell from the first round to the second round as everyone passed on the Mountaineer QB before the New York Jets selected Smith with the 39th overall selection. Instead of showing gratitude for being selected to play in the NFL, something thousands of college footballs would dream of, Smith showed nothing but insincerity in his “joy” about becoming a New York Jet. Then, Smith showed his outrage with his draft day plummet by firing his agents.Sure, Geno Smith did not commit a crime. He did not even cover a hotel room in feces and urine like wide receivers DeAndre Hopkins of Clemson and Mark Harrison of Rutgers did. However, Smith showed a level of immaturity that cannot make Jet fans happy as Smith appears likely to be the heir apparent if Mark Sanchez struggles again this season. Smith is going to learn fast in the NFL that hard days come with the occupation, especially if you are a New York Jet. However, he will not have agents to throw under the bus with every bad experience. Grow up, Geno Smith and be grateful you have a spot in the league. God’s favorite quarterback does not even have that luxury. Tebowing 2013 - to the tune of "The Lonely Man" (the walking away theme from The Incredible Hulk)Babe of the Week: Hillary ScottEven with the baby bump, Hillary's gorgeous! Get Golden - the new Lady Antebellum album - in stores on May 7th!A Melancholy Happy Trails to…- Jeff Hanneman, 49 - American guitarist from the band Slayer (May 2nd)- Chris Kelly, 34 - American rapper best known as part of Kris Kross (May 1st)- George Jones, 81 - American country singer and one of the greatest of all-time (April 26th)A Few Thoughts on… Jason CollinsLast week, Washington Wizards center and 13-year NBA veteran Jason Collins became the first active player in the major four American sports to come out as a homosexual in an article he wrote for Sports Illustrated. This immediately led to Collins being lauded as a hero by some while others stressed their objections to homosexuality again as the debate over homosexuality crossed over into the sporting landscape with a player finally out and proud.I looked at this story and the way it was handled and compare it to the way the media and secular world handled Tim Tebow’s Christianity. In both cases, these men became defined by something outside of their athletic ability and on the field / on the court achievement. Tim Tebow announced himself as a Christian and the majority told Tebow to “shut up about it.” Jason Collins announced himself as a homosexual male and the majority told him, “You are a hero.” In both instances, I felt saddened because everybody missed the point regarding these two men. In addition, I felt both Tebow and Collins should shut up because their announcements are nobody’s business.I do not believe either religious affiliation or sexual orientation matter in the grand scheme of things. If someone is going to judge another -- positive or negative -- based on religious or sexual orientation, that is their issue. It is just the same as judging someone because of race, gender, etc... The sooner people stop giving bait for others to judge and start just living their own lives, the closer we may actually get to a life without bias and prejudice. However, people want to live “loud and proud” and try to make everybody conform to their own beliefs so we will never have a society where this kind of information remains privy only to the individual.Collins’ announcement was historic in that an athlete finally came out of the closet in one of the four major sports while still active. However, this is not a Jackie Robinson situation. This is a non-story. Jason Collins is the 10th-12th man on the hapless Washington Wizards. Before this story, nobody knew who Jason Collins was -- including diehard NBA fans. The Washington Wizards’ front office said, “Collins is on our team? Really?” Collins is to basketball in 2013 what Tim Tebow was to football - a figure known for a characteristic unimportant to the sports world itself.The fact that people know either of these men for something other than mediocre-at-best play within their sport is a sad, sad testament to how piss-poor humanity is where religious and sexual orientation matter one iota in defining a human being. Tim Tebow can keep his Christian beliefs to himself. Also, just as important, Jason Collins can keep his sexual orientation to himself. I do not care. It does not change the fact that you are about to fall out of the NBA because you are not good enough to receive playing time for the horrible Wizards. I seriously doubt that coming out will develop a brand new jump shot for you either.

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